Board of Directors

Jerry Twomey


Hi my name is Jerry Twomey, your 2024 Lompoc Youth Football and Cheer President.

It is an absolute pleasure representing Lompoc's youth and helping them achieve success on and off the field.

After our daughter was killed in a head on collision nothing has given me more peace than being able to touch the lives of our young athletes and to leave a positive, yet disciplined impact on their life's.

Thank you for allowing me to lead this chapter back to the glory days of old. I'm looking forward to rebuilding relationships with all who donate their valuable time to the youth of Lompoc. With your continued support, we can set this chapter up for many more years of success

Phillip Mata

Vice President

I started coaching off in 2000 because I always wanted to give back to where I started playing this great sport and for this great community that I was raised in.

From that time till now I have been putting in 18 years of coaching and board member service to this Lompoc Youth Football League.

I do this because I was raised to love my community and to teach the youth right from wrong on and off the field.

Over the time I have coached over 400 plus kids in this Lompoc community and would not change it for anything in the world. Lompoc football is more than a sport it's a family that grows from new and old traditions and we come together as one.

The only goal I have for as a board member is to make sure every kid and parent have a memorable outcome to the sport we call football. To bring back the Nostalgia of Lompoc football Because we are Lompoc and football we are where traditions begins. #1xHitUrPads!

Katrina Alhambra

Cheer Director

Hello There!!

I'm Coach Trina (Katrina Alhambra). My daughter has been Cheering with LYFL since 2017 and my son has been playing football since 2021. I've been a coach and on the LYFL board since 2019 starting out as the Assistant Cheer Director. 

I am your current Cheer Director and have been in position since 2021. I've Cheered for Cabrillo High School and Allan Hancock College. In 2022 I earned the Coach of the Year award with World Class Cheer. 

Coaching is something that came across my path and I ended up enjoying. I'm excited to see where this next season takes us. 

Amanda Esparza

Public Relations

Hey Everyone!! 

My names Amanda Esparza, Lompoc Youth Football and Cheers Public Relations Rep.

 My children have been part of this organization for the last 3 years. It has been an amazing experience watching them excel in sports they love. 

This will be my second year on the board as Public Relations and my Second year Coaching for Lompoc Youth Cheer.

I have lots of fun and exciting ideas for this upcoming season showcasing your children in some of the highlight moments of their youth

I am beyond excited to see what this season brings.

Jeremy Byron

Player Agent

I have helped out with Miguelito School with their Pokemon club. Last season I helped out with chain gang and getting the field prepped for games. I currently work for the Lompoc police department. Having two boys I realized that our community needs people like myself to help our youth stay active and have the opportunity to have fun! I believe that if our kids have the opportunity to play sports, build relationships skills, discipline, and the will to do better, their futures will have a brighter future.

Shaunta Whitaker

Athletic Director

I have been part of the league for almost 20 years now and I have served in many positions including being a former President. love being here for the kids and growing the league to be the best.

Lompoc proud!

Brandy Twomey

Concession Stand Manager

Hi! I'm Brandy Twomey, Concession Stand Manager. I was roped into this gig last year. I really wasn't sure what I was getting into, but i jumped in with both feet! I met a lot of great people and made some amazing memories. I can't wait for our new season to begin and to see everyone out there supporting our kids!! So come get your deep fried hot dogs!

Heather Armenta

Fundraiser Manager

Hello my name is Heather Armenta- Garcia. I am a wife, mom, and a avid sports lover. I grew up in SYV and have lived in Lompoc for over 10 years. My 4 kids all have attended LUSD schools and are active in many local sports. I am looking forward to a very successful LYFL season and am proud to be part of it.

Kendra Berlotti


Hello All,

My name is Kendra Berlotti, your LYFL Secretary for the 2024 season. My family and I have been with the LYFL Football program for the past 7+ years. My oldest son Jordan started playing in the bantam division playing  for the Rebels. My youngest son Devan started a few years later in the bantam division playing for the Packers. He will be playing his final year in the Senior Division this coming season. Over the years I have enjoyed meeting a lot of families and creating friendships. It truly has been a joy seeing these boys grow up over the years. Some of these boys are now playing for LHS and being successful at the highschool level. I believe the foundation these boys have built from our football program has helped them succeed.

A few years ago, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and joined our board. I first started as a Player Agent and am now your secretary. I have learned a lot of what it takes to get our program running each year. I can’t wait for the upcoming season to start. Hoping to see alot of our returners and some new faces as well. We have a few new members on our board this season that I am looking forward to working with to bring you all our best season yet! Lets GO LOMPOC!!!

Ashley Bueno


Hey everyone!!

My names Ashley this will be my 5th year being a cheer coach, starting 4th year in the lyfl board, active coach in LGSA, volunteer for Lompoc little league, currently take college classes while working full time as a pharmacy lead

Jamaal Felder

Field Coordinator

Well hello there my name is Jamaal Felder I am the field coordinator for the Lompoc youth football League. I also help announce the games when we're home and keep the time clock and scoreboard. This is my third year being a part of the board and my fourth year having my son play for Lompoc. My son is the main reason why I am involved in the football league .throughout the years I've watched him grow and learn more as an individual and also learn to play together with his team. I love the Lompoc yfl organization and want to help out as much as I can however I can to make this program as strong as it can be. 

I grew up here in the '80s and '90s and I played football for Vandenberg and those are some of the best memories of my childhood and that's why I have my son involved in this sport. I want him to make lifelong friends as I have and learn key principles in life that will live with them always

Ej Villarreal

Game Field Commissioner

Hi my name is Ej Villarreal. I was born and raised in Lompoc, Ca. Growing up I played for this organization and now I coach for the organization! For over ten years, I’ve had the honor to coach for this awesome town! My oldest boy, Eduardo aka lil EJ, is entering his 3rd year playing and my youngest, Thomas, is going on his second year! I can’t want to see them flourish in the coming years!

Jessica Current

Assistant Cheer Director

Hi my name is Jessica current I am currently on the youth football board as asstaint  cheer director. This will be 1st year on the board but 3rd year volunteering with cheer. I started as a team mom in 2022,cheer coach in 2023, and I am coming back this year as a coach and on the board. I love forward to another year coaching in the sport of cheer and helping make this program great

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